Welcome to Kernow Watches!

Thank you for visiting Kernow Watches. By clicking to the site I’m guessing you love watches?  Which is great, because so do I. Like, I really love watches, to the point that I think I might have a problem. If i’m not obsessively checking the timekeeping on my watches, and panicking that one of them has gained or lost a few seconds in a day, you will probably find me trying out different nato strap or bracelet combinations. It’s a bit like when your wife is trying to match her shoes and handbag to her outfit for going out for the evening, only I am trying to decide if a bond nato looks good on an old Seiko, (I don’t think there’s a lot of watches that don’t look good on a bond style nato)!, or if I can pass off a dive watch as a dress watch!

So what can you expect to find at Kernow Watches?

Well, as you have probably guessed, watches has become more than a hobby for me, most of my spare time is consumed by ogling pictures of watches on the internet, to the point that im pretty sure my wife would prefer it if I was ogling at pictures of naked ladies! At least then i could be considered normal! So expect to find lots of images of watches, these will be mostly be from my own personal collection, and then any others that I can lay my hands on. I am hoping to write a regular blog to document my illness, which maybe at some point in the future will help healthcare professionals to determine my course of treatment when my wife finally haves me sectioned! I will even attempt to write some watch reviews. Now, I am not the most eloquent of writers, and my photography skills are not quite on a par with Annie Leibovitz, but bear with me, as I am hoping to upload regular content and improve on both of these attributes.

It’s probably worth noting at this point that i am a watch lover, not an expert, so whilst I will do my best to make sure that all content on the site is factually correct, there may be occasions where this may not be the case so please let me know if you spot that anything that i may have got wrong!

Something you will not find here at Kernow Watches though is ‘brand snobbery’, most online watch forums will have a brand that doesn’t get much love, or a brand that is the ‘forum darling’ but I personally enjoy and appreciate a Citizen Eco Drive or Tag Heuer as much as I do a Rolex or Omega.

Thank you for sticking with it this far, I really hope you enjoy the site!

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