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I thought I would use my first blog to provide you with some ramblings about why watches and watch collecting has become so all consuming for me.

Why do I love watches?

Well I could start off by saying something like “I really dig watches because I find the fusion of engineering and art and craftsmanship utterly fascinating” but that’s not what this site is all about.

As a typical man, I dont posses any jewellery other than my wedding ring, not like the wife who could sprout several extra heads and pairs of arms and still not be able to wear all of her necklaces/bracelets bangles and earings! So a watch, for me, is first and foremost a piece of jewelery.

The primary function of any watch is obviously to tell time, but how its how it tells the time that really fascinates me. Wether its a watch with a quartz movement or a mechanical/automatic watch, just the fact that on my wrist i basically have a little machine, with lots of little parts inside pulsing, ticking spinning and beating away just pleases me.

After this I suppose it’s the sheer diversity of watches, in both function and form that gets the old juices flowing. A simple three hander watch can be a lovely thing to look at, but then a watch with a really busy dial and some complications thrown in can also be pleasing on the eye if done well.

Function wise, I can use a watch to measure speed, distance or temperature.I can use a watch to tell me what phase the moon is in or for navigation. I can have a watch that has a case designed to withstand pressure at several hundred meters uinderwater.I can also have a watch that lets me read my emails with out having to take my phone out of my pocket or be near a computer. On the whole though, and probably like most people who aren’t MI5 spies or professional divers, i tend to use my watch to make sure im not late for picking up the kids from school and to time my cooking!


What floats my boat then?

I have a particular soft spot for Seiko watches so you can probably expect to see lots of them on this site. I also love dive watches and lume, which is just as well because these are the 2 things that in my opinion, Seiko excel at.

Awesome lume from a Seiko ‘PADI’


I am also particularly fond of nato straps, switching a watch from its leather strap or bracelet to a nato can really change the appearance of a watch, and as I have said previously, I do not believe there are many watches that don’t look good on a bond style nato.

Chronographs are also a favourite of mine, you know, because the little hands spin around really fast! That and they help to make sure I’m not burning the kids fish fingers. Seriously though, there’s just something about a decent looking chronograph that I love, which probably stems from my love of motor sports.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog”

  1. Had a look at the UFO you featured in one of the posts. Great piece! Do you know what’s the manufacture year?


    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I regrettably sold this one a while back but still have a record of the serial number which would suggest a manufactured date of November 1977, hope this helps?


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