More of a rant than a blogpost


I was chatting the other day to someone who I would describe as an acquaintance, rather than a work colleague or a friend. Lets call him Bill. He caught a glimpse of the watch that I happened to wearing that day (it was my Rolex GMT BLNR),




The BLNR that Bill offended me about

and he said to me “blimey, you must be well lucky to be loaded enough to buy a watch like that”


Now, several things about this statement right royally pissed me off. Firstly, there’s a saying that I firmly believe in which is “The harder you work, the luckier you get” I have worked extremely hard my entire life to get to where I am now, from having 2 paper rounds as a school boy, to lying about my age when I was 15 so I could get a job working in a factory. For that entire summer holidays from school I was the one in our group of friends who actually had any money to do anything! From there, leaving school/college I then started working full time to make a career for my self and quite quickly became a branch manager of a national company at the age of 21, and then a few years later set up my own business which myself and my wife grafted at daily, and I mean literally blood, sweat and tears usually all at the same time!

So screw you Bill, luck has nothing to do with it.

The next thing that irked me about his statement was the bit about being ‘loaded’, now, I am pretty sure that most business people will tell that they actually had more disposable income when they were employed than they do now that they are self employed. This particular watch was one that I had coveted for quite a while, and those of you in the know will know that the BLNR, for quite a long time was almost impossible to get hold from an AD, sure you could pay a premium and get one from a grey dealer but that brings its own problems.

When I got the call to say that a BLNR had come in and it had my name on it I wasn’t ‘loaded’ enough as Bill put it to just go straight out and buy it. I had to quickly sell a few of my other watches and then do some juggling around with 0% interest credit cards to make up the shortfall. But, it was worth it, Rolex had a 10% price increase shortly after I bought the watch, so I’ve already made more money by buying the Rolex than I would have done if I had stuck the cash in a savings account.

So Screw you again Bill, being ‘loaded’ simply isn’t the case, being sensible is the word of the day here I think.

But do you know what really, really wound me up more than anything written above? 2 days earlier Bill had spotted me wearing my Casio Worldtime (sometimes affectionately known as the Casio Royale) this is one of my favourite watches by the way and it gets lots of wrist time, also, until recently they could be picked up brand new for £14.99! It really pisses me off now that when he saw me wearing it he didn’t say something like “gosh, you must be on the bones of your arse if you can only afford a cheap Casio watch mate”

The legendary Casio Royale



So for the final time, screw you bill! For me watch collecting isn’t about spending lots of money on luxury brands, in fact most of my favourite watches are all in the sub £200 range, with half of these being in the sub £50 bracket. So Bill, if you are reading this then I am not lucky to own these watches, nor am I loaded. But what I am is incredibly lucky to be fit and well enough to enjoy wearing them.


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