Seiko 7A38

Seiko 7A38

In 1983, Seiko unveiled to the world the first ever quartz, analogue chronograph in the shape of the 7A28. This is a 15 jewel, fully adjustable quartz movement with no plastic parts to be found anywhere in the gear train. The movement can also be serviced and adjusted pretty much as you would with a mechanical watch, owing to its construction. The 7A38 that I’ve acquired here is different only to the 7A28 due to the addition of the day/date functions. This a small watch by my standards, about 36mm in diameter, but never has the phrase “great things come in small packages” been so apt as to describe this quartz beauty. The dial really is stunning and superbly detailed, depending on how you catch the light it turns from white, to silver and back again which is a delight to look at.

The bracelet is also superb, nice flat matt finished bars that taper down to the simple, but solid and functional clasp with the ‘SQ’ (Seiko Quartz) emblem stamped onto it help to make this watch extremely comfortable (bordering on unnoticeable) to wear.

And some old Argos catalogue shots which show that this watch could have been picked up for £125 30 odd years ago, I wonder what that would work out at in today’s money?

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