SKX007 Lumed Bezel Change

I love my 007, it’s a watch that punches well above its price point and a watch that in my eyes was pretty much perfect and didn’t need any ‘modding’. Recently however I was lucky enough to win a competition with the prize being a lumed ceramic bezel insert from these guys  L.C.B.I so I was keen to get it fitted and see what the end result looked like.

Pre-mod wrist shot
4 days for this to arrive in the U.K. From the states-pretty impressive

The first job was to prise the bezel off, it’s been a while since I’ve done this on a watch and the first time on a Seiko. I managed to mark the top left hand lug which annoyed me somewhat but I revisited my technique and soon had it off with out any further incidents!

Bezel removed-eventually

The insert is glued onto the bezel so I popped the assembly into some boiling water to help loosen off the adhesive to aid removal of the insert

Feeling hot

With the glue nice and warm a small blade helped me remove the insert from the bezel without too much hassle

Bezel and insert now both removed

The new bezel came with a new adhesive ring which I placed into the bezel next.

Getting there

I fitted the bezel back into the watch next, the plan here was to put the insert on last so I could be confident of getting everything lined up perfectly.

Bezel refitted

With the bezel back on I just had to stick the insert on with 12 o’clock markers lined up properly, I don’t think I did too badly!

The finished article

I’m really pleased how this turned out, (apart from marking the lug, and I might also have chipped the old insert)!

The blue on the bezel adds another dimension to the watch and the new insert sits higher than the original which adds a nice bit of depth to the piece which wasn’t there previously.  The Planet Ocean style numbers and markers on the bezel finish the new look of this Seiko diver quite nicely.

The lume on the ceramic bezel insert is really cool, it’s not an exact match for the Seiko lume on the hands and dial, but it still looks really good,  the difference actually looks more pronounced in the photo than in real life.

I love a nice lume shot

For my first proper go at a Seiko mod I’m quite pleased with how this has turned out and it’s given what was already a firm favourite watch of mine a new lease of life.

First Seiko mod-done

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